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A stuffed animal of Babar

Babar is the main protagonist of the Babar-franchise And he is currently the king of Celesteville. Babar's family is quite large, with four children and a number of grandchildren.

His first appearance was in the 1939 book Historie Le Babar. He was created by the artist Jean de Brunhoff.

His life started tragically when Babar's mother was killed by a hunter (probably a trophy hunter) and he was forced to run away from home for safety. He wound up in Paris and met the Old Lady Madame and made friends with her.

She helped him learn the human ways and confront the murderer, and then create a city for elephants where 


they will be safer which now is, Celesteville. 

He is often kind and care about others.

Other Appearences

Babar made a cameo appearance in the "Book People Unite" commercial towards the end with several other famous literary characters.

Babar's appearence in the "Book People Unite" commercial, to the right.

This version of Babar was CGI animated, as in the new show Babar and Badou's Adventures. 


Babar's rival Hunter and Chiaki Tani from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

In the books and other versions, Babar has short tusks.



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