Episode 3 is Babar's First Step is the pilot that aired March 28, 1989.

This story begins to tell the classic tale of Babars early life with his mother and all the other elephants in the jungle, and how his life is shattered when a hunter kills his mother and he must cope on his own.


  • The Hunter's Hammerless Side-by-Side Double barreled shotgun has two front sights on top of both barrels and a rear sight in the middle from front sight in the middle. However a few seconds later it has a front sight in the middle and still a rear sight in the middle.
  • The Hunter's Hammerless SIde-by-Side Double barreled shotgun stock has changed from pistol grip to straight grip. However, it still is a pistol grip.
  • The Hunter's Hammerless Side-by-Side Double barreled shotgun's barrel has changed from long to short. However, it is still long now.

External Links

Babar’s First Step at B99.TV

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