Babar rams the hunter in revenge.

The hunter is the moustached human who shot Babar's mother in the series premiere. He serves as the main antagonist of the first five episodes.

Between episodes 2 to 5, the hunter leads a group of other hunters to kill Babar and his friends. During these times, he never speaks. It wasn't until the end of episode 5 that he spoke, when his camp was burned down by Babar and his friends, forcing the other hunters to flee. Angered, the hunter finally speaks as his henchmen leave in fear, "No! Come ba-a-ack!" But the other hunters didn't listen. It was then the hunter yelled out, " You can't run! I won't run! I'LL DESTROY THEM A-A-ALL!!!!!!!!!" As he screams, as he is engulfed and killed by the fire.

Even though he is deceased as of episode 5, he is by far the most evil character and Babar's most major enemy.

His hatred led to his own demise, as it was the forest fire, which he caused, that eventually killed him.

The hunter's gun is a hammerless side-by-side double-barrelled shotgun that has a single selective trigger that fires both barrels. However, in Babar: King of the Elephants (1999), it has double triggers, each firing one barrel.